Business Concept

Business idea

Arlandastad Group’s business concept is to identify strategic land areas and develop properties to their full potential. This is be done through good business acumen and structured and creative processes in close collaboration with selected partners and a solid support in the community.


Arlandastad Group’s vision is to create value in the long term by being the obvious accelerator in areas with potential. This means that we take a wholistic approach and work together with partners and the community to create synergies. Through a unique business development model, solid expertise, creativity and financial muscle, we acquire and improve properties for a more sustainable future.

Strategy and business model

Arlandastad Group focuses on developing attractive conceptual platforms with businesses that create value by working together and in the same area. This means that Arlandastad Group not only focuses on production and management, it also strives to create attractive and long-term sustainable platforms and meeting places where companies and other stakeholders can work together in effective collaborations and can achieve synergies. The company’s business development expertise is based on extensive experience and knowledge of processes for developing areas to their full potential. By understanding of what is appropriate for the location and what is possible within the community, Arlandastad Group creates long-term and sustainable value.

The company’s business model can be divided into five steps:

  • Land acquisition
  • Detailed local planning and development of infrastructure and building rights
  • Concept development
  • Construction
  • Management or divestment
Arlandastad Group Business Modell

If it is attractive from a financial or a commercial perspective, Arlandastad Group may also divest in investment properties once they are completed.