About Arlandastad Group

Arlandastad Group is a real estate development company focusing on large strategically located areas. We have the knowledge and ability to identify potential. We have the courage and muscle to acquire. We have the contact network and creativity to develop attractive destinations. This is how we create value. Value that grows over time.

We own and operate two of Sweden's largest development projects

While many real estate companies focus on individual properties and limited space, we think big. When we acquired the large piece of land at Arlanda, it was an area with no clear area of use and the initial value was accordingly. Today, the same area is called Explore Arlandastad and is one of Sweden's largest development projects on 290 hectares, an attractive destination for an increasing number of businesses.

In 2022 it was time again when we acquired a 484 hectare area at Stockholm Skavsta Airport, also an area with fantastic potential. We now own and operate two of Sweden's largest development projects, Explore Arlandastad and Explore Skavsta. Together, the area corresponds to 22 times the size of Gamla Stan. Our land in Explore Skavsta also includes Stockholm Skavsta Airport. 

There is room to think big, but also room to grow - and that we do together. Get in touch with our business developers and we'll find out where and how together!

We work in three core areas

  1. Real estate development 
  2. Property management 
  3. Operational activities  

We develop attractive destinations

To create value, we develop destinations where businesses have great potential to grow. We control the entire chain from land acquisition to long-term management of completed properties. In cases where we see that we can add value, we also run operational activities. We work in close cooperation with society, the state and the municipality to ensure infrastructure solutions, community initiatives and efficient decision-making paths.

We do not compromise on our core values

  • We take our responsibility towards owners, customers, partners and society.
  • We keep our promises and think sustainably and long-term. When we fill land and properties with life, we not only create value that generates value.
  • We give businesses the conditions to grow and contribute to society at large.
  • We make room for the future.

We create value that generates value

Since the areas we acquire are always large, development is done in stages. In this way, the value increases not only where we build, but also simultaneously on all the remaining building rights that have not yet been developed. Quite simply, we create value that grows and benefits us and our owners, long-term and many times over. 

We are entrepreneurs at heart

With a strong and visionary founder and principal owner, bold decisions are part of our success - always rooted in insights, analysis and knowledge. By seeing opportunities before anyone else, we have been able to invest at favorable initial values, while a strong cash position has given us low leverage.

Our project portfolio

Since the start, we have created added value of SEK 5 billion and today have a balance sheet total of about SEK 7 billion and a project portfolio of about SEK 45-50 billion. This gives us a project profit of around 30%.