About Arlandastad Group

At Arlandastad Group, we think big. We focus on large strategically placed areas that create value over time.

  • We have the knowledge and ability to identify potential. 
  • We have the courage and muscle to acquire. 
  • We have the contacts and creativity to develop sustainable and attractive destinations. 

When we acquired the big landarea at Arlanda, it was an area with no clear use and the entry value was accordingly. Today, the same area is called Explore Arlandastad and is one of Sweden’s largest development projects, 290 hectares of land. It is now an attractive destination for an increasing number of businesses. Another example is Explore Skavsta - a 484 -hectare area at Stockholm Skavsta Airport that we acquired in 2022, also land with great accessibility and fantastic potential.

Since its inception, Arlandastad Group has created added value of SEK 5 billion and today has a balance sheet total of approximately SEK 7 billion and a project portfolio of approximately SEK 45-50 billion. With a strong and visionary founder and main owner, bold decisions are part of our success, always rooted in insights, analysis and knowledge. 

Our values guide us all the way

  • We take our responsibility towards owners, customers and society. 
  • We keep our promises and think sustainably and long-term.
    When we fill land and properties with life, we not only create value that generates value. 
  • We give businesses the conditions to grow and contribute to society at large. 
  • We make room for the future.