About Arlandastad Group

Arlandastad Group is a real estate company whose business concept is to identify strategic land areas and develop properties to their full potential. We create value through good business acumen, as well as structured and creative processes in close collaboration with selected partners, a strong foothold in society, and financial muscles that give the company endurance. The business is run in three core areas - property development, property management and Operations.

Arlandastad Group has since start focused on improving a 290-hectare property that constitutes the mooring to Arlanda. Through the acquisition of raw land that has since been planned and developed in detail, as well as through the conversion of existing properties that have been recast and refined into new operations, we have been involved in the creation of Sweden’s first airport city. A Today, the company also owns approximately 500 hectares of land in Skavsta, which the company is developing and refining.

Arlandastad Group has since the outset created added value of SEK 5 billion and today has total assets of SEK 7 billion and a project portfolio of approximately SEK 45-50 billion.

We are inspired by bold visions, but our starting point is always a stable foundation and a holistic concept. We take our responsibility towards owners, customers, and society, keep our promises and think sustainably and long-term.