Risk and Risk Management

An investment in Arlandastad Group’s shares entails various risks. Several factors affect or can affect the company’s operations, directly and indirectly.

Arlandastad Group has a structured and comprehensive process for identifying, classifying, managing and monitoring several strategic, operational, financial and external risks.

The strategic risks are normally identified during risk assessments related to the strategic plan and strategic initiatives related to it. Operational risks occur in the business and are identified primarily through process reviews. External risks are risks outside of the Group’s direct control. These risks include changes in rules or changes in market conditions.

Risks attributable to Arlandastad Group can generally be divided as follows:

  • Risks related to the company’s operations and industry
  • Legal risks
  • Financial risks
  • Risks related to its shares and inclusion for trading on a regulated market

For a detailed description of the risks deemed particularly significant for the future development of the company, see Arlandastad Group’s Annual and Sustainability Report 2023 in SE.