Operating segments

Arlandastad Group is a real estate company that bases its operations on three operating segments – Property Development, Property Management and Operating Companys. The company’s property operations include land acquisitions, planning processes, concepts, renting and construction through to management. The model is applicable in many places, and Arlandastad Group will be gearing up both its activities in the Arlandastad area, Explore Arlandastad, Skavsta area, Explore Skavsta, and identifying new large projects.

So far, the business has focused on developing and managing a 290-hectare property that serves as the gateway to Stockholm Arlanda Airport. This has occurred by acquiring land, which has since received local zoning and planning approval and been developed, and through the conversion of existing properties that have been repurposed and improved for completely new operations. In 2022, the company took its first step in broadening the project portfolio to more geographies through the acquisition of Stockholm Skavsta Airport with 500 hectares of land. Land with great development potential where the company has the ambition to develop a business and logistics park as well as a photovoltaic park. The area around the airport is being developed through the name Explore Skavsta.

Property development

The development business is the operational part of Arlandastad Group that handles the “concept development” strategy together with the development of the existing land portfolio owned by the company. Arlandastad Group’s business model is based on controlling the entire value chain from the acquisition of land and planning processes to the development and subsequent management of the properties. As of December 31, 2022, the Group has utilized less than ten percent of the potential building rights in Explore Arlandastad, which consists of approximately 1.3 million sq.m. BTA. Through the acquisition of Skavsta, building rights comprising 540,000 sq.m. BTA have been added to the Group.

An example of Arlandastad Group's structured refining concept is Drivelab Stockholm, where various facilities and properties realize an area where players in the automotive industry work for future innovations and solutions.

Drivelab Center

Property management

Arlandastad Group’s management portfolio in Explore Arlandastad consists of Scandinavian XPO, six objects within the DRIVELAB concept, Nybygget, Långtidsparkering P1, and SEBE Flygets Långtidsparkering. The property portfolio includes a land facility located on leased land. Since the fourth quarter of 2020, two buildings have been classified as owner-occupied properties where two Arlandastad Group companies, Training Partner and Scandinavian XPO, conduct their main operations. Arlandastad Group owns approximately 111,000 square meters of investment properties in the Arlanda area and 52,000 square meters in Skavsta, which are managed and developed with a focus on long-term strategic cooperation in the area for increased quality and constant development.

Operating companies

Operating companies are active companies working with training, meetings and events that create value for the Group’s property portfolio and its immediate environment. The operating companies currently consist of Scandinavian XPO, Training Partner Nordic, Nybygget, and SEBE Flygets Långtidsparkering.

The operating companies currently consist of Scandinavian XPOTraining Partner NordicNybyggetSebe Långtidsparkering and Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

These operating companies contribute to an ecosystem where the whole becomes stronger than the individual operations and thus attract new establishments in the area, which in turn means both that the company can sign leases of higher value than before when a district is gradually being completed and that leasing levels are normally higher than in nearby areas and municipalities. Furthermore, the activities of operating companies lead to more visits to areas and increase demand for related services, which in turn contributes to higher revenue potential for tenants and thus higher revenue for the company in the form of higher percentage leases based on the leaseholder’s monthly sales volumes

Scandinavian XPO

Scandinavian XPO operates the brand and act as operator and restaurateur in the new international meeting and event arena with the capacity for around 8 500 visitors in three exhibition halls. The focus is on creating good conditions and keeping the facility technically, logistically, and experientially at the very highest international level.

Scandinavian XPO entré

Training Partner Nordic

Training Partner Nordic, with more than 20 years of experience in the current industry, offers training concepts to dealers and general agents in the automotive industry. Training Partner Nordic provides everything from training concepts to event, meeting and workshop premises as well as test-drive track for all vehicle types.

Training Partner utbildning

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located near Nyköping, 100 km southwest of Stockholm. Today there are direct flights to several destinations throughout Europe with the airlines Wizz Air and from April 2023 also Norwegian. The airport is also designated as a standby airport. The airport is of great importance to the region's business and hospitality industry, and the ambition is to put Stockholm Skavsta Airport on the national and international airport map. An airport is a communication hub where natural opportunities arise for a rich mix of encounters between people, services and services.

Flygvy Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Sebe Long-term parking

Sebe Långtidsparkering / Long-term parking, also called the airports long-term parking, is a centrally located car park along the highway E4, and directly adjacent to the Scandinavian XPO. The long-term car park has a total of about 800 parking spaces. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has a shuttle service to and from Arlanda's terminals, which are 5 minutes away.

Sebe Låntidsparkering