Our Business

An important part of our work at Arlandastad Group is to find new land to exploit. Value creation takes place in the transformation of unused land into smart business platforms. We are good at realizing the potential and seeing the whole in a place that others do not see - we are specialists in all parts of real estate development. From acquisition of raw land to property management.

With our large project portfolio, the common thread is long-term value creation. The portfolio is continuously expanded with new land, which we believe has great potential. The latest addition is Explore Skavsta. Explore is our location brand, which is combined with the geographical name. It holds together but also apart our big projects. Just like Explore Arlandastad, it will be developed and marketed according to its own conditions. Our first two location brands and land projects are adjacent to airports. There is no requirement for our future land projects, however, they have given Explore Arlandastad and Explore Skavsta a strong value for development potential. New Explore projects can be created in all areas where we see potential, areas where our expertise comes in handy.

Arlandastad Group owns the Explore Arlandastad land area

Arlandastad Group owns the land area Explore Arlandastad - a 290-hectare expansive and unique land area close to the airport. At this place we have developed, established, and launched our conceptual platforms Scandinavian XPO, Drivelab Stockholm and Nybygget.

Each of these platforms includes several players in addition to our own brands. These players are tenants and strong partners who all contribute to the synergy effect that our conceptual platforms have laid the foundation for. Read more about Explore Arlandastad -  Space to think big here.

Arlandastad Group is also a part of Airport City Stockholm - a collaboration with Swedavia and Sigtuna municipality. Our common goal is to work for an airport city that due to its location - close to Stockholm Arlanda Airport, railway, and highway - provides opportunities for people, meeting places, career opportunities and successful companies.

Our conceptual platforms within Explore Arlandastad

Scandinavian XPO puts people and meetings at the center, with a facility that includes three major event and exhibition halls, a lounge, a hotel, conference rooms, restaurants, bars, cafés and a fitness center.

Drivelab Stockholm  is the hub for the automotive industry's events and training. It also constitutes a think tank and test environment for industry, authorities and research and includes hotels and service points for vehicles.

Nybygget, with a permanent house exhibition and a variety of exhibition houses, is an inspiring meeting place for people with house dreams. Nybygget includes showrooms from Sweden's small and large house manufacturers and exhibition space for players from the entire construction and housing industry, such as design and interior design.

Do you want to read about the ongoing projects in Explore Arlandastad? Read more here.