Remuneration to the board

Remuneration is paid to the Board Chair and other Board members in accordance with the decision by the General Meeting. At the General Meeting on 19 May 2021, it was decided that renumerations to each of the Board members elected by the General Meeting will amount to SEK 100,000 and to SEK 250,000 for the Board Chair. No remuneration is paid to members of the Remuneration Committee.
The company’s board members are not entitled to any benefits after they have resigned as members of the board.


Guidelines for remuneration payable to group management

The following guidelines for remuneration to group management were adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 18 August 2021.
Remuneration to the CEO and other group managers is subject to annual review in accordance with the company’s guidelines for remuneration to the CEO and other group managers.


Remunerations in 2020

The table below shows remunerations that have been paid to board members and group management in the 2020 financial year. 

SEK thousandsBasic salary/board feeVariable compensationPension expensesSocial contributionsTotal
The Board     
Per Taube, Board Chair
Leif West, Member-----
Mats Jämterud, Member-----
Peter Markborn, Member50--555
Björn Nilsson, Member50--1666
Tomas Rudin, Member50--1666
Peter Wågström, Member50--1666
Total for the Board300--84384
Group Management     
Dieter Sand, VD3 332-80110474379
Övriga ledande befattningshavare (totalt 1,2 personer)1276-2614011677
Total, group management4 608-1 0611 5326 056
Total, Board and group management4 908-1 0611 5326 440

The company has no allocated or accrued amounts for pensions or similar benefits after a board member or group manager resigns from a position or assignment.