Selected Financial Measures

 january - junejanuary - december
Income, million SEK172,0210,3131,178,8421,7295,9199,3
Gross profit, million SEK15,949,539,326,6111,968,474,4
Change in contracted annual rent, %-0,2 %14,9 %25 %3 %27,9 %29,5 %9 %
Surplus ratio, %74 %57 %69 %60 %79 %66 %66 %
Profit prior to value changes, million SEK-72,8-49,0317,8-19,4269,5269,5-40,8
Realised changes in value in respect of properties-0,2-70,0--89,591,1-
Unrealised changes in value of properties, million SEK-9,569,0280,8-14,9-40,155,1281,0
Profit for the period, million SEK-69,6-25,2680,9-33,1-127,4486,6176,4
Profit per share, prior to dilution, SEK-1,1-0,410,8-3,5-2,07,73,0
Profit per share, after dilution, SEK-1,1-0,410,8-3,5-2,07,73,0
Cash flow from operating activities, million SEK-21,6-78,7-98,0-16-106,3-93,1-16,4
Market value properties, million SEK6492662167495766651565846166
Loan-to-value ratio, properties, %25 %25 %23 %27 %25 %25 %25 %
Net asset value (NAV), per share, SEK85889469868981
Return on equity, %-3,8 %-5 %21 %16 %-3 %11 %5 %

* History recalculated to the current number of shares as of June 30, 2022



Financial measuresDefinition
Return on equity (%)Period profit after tax for the most recent 12-month period, as a percentage of average equity.
Net asset value (NAV), per share, SEKReported equity adjusted for the fair value of the entire property portfolio, with the repayment of deferred tax divided by the number of outstanding shares at the end of the period. Net asset value (NAV) is used to inform stakeholders of Arlandastad Group's long-term net asset value per share calculated in a uniform manner for listed property companies.
Loan-to-value ratio, properties (%)Interest-bearing liabilities, excluding liabilities for financial leasing, as a percentage of the properties’ fair value at end of period.
Outstanding sharesNumber of registered shares at end of period.
Gross profitRental income and income from operating companies minus costs for property management, including depreciation on operating properties and costs for operating the operating companies.
Average number of outstanding sharesAverage number of shares outstanding at end of period
Profit per share, SEKProfit for the period divided by the average number of outstanding shares for the period.
Changes in underlying rental valueThe year's change in contracted rental value in relation to the previous year's contracted rental value.
Rental incomeCharged rent fees plus supplements, such as costs for heating, electricity and property tax.
Rental valueContracted annual rents excluding rental surcharges. Used to highlight the Group's income potential.
Surplus ratioNet operating income, not including depreciation on operating properties, in the Property Management segment, as a percentage of reported rental income.