Investment Case

Arlandastad Group has been listed on Nasdaq First North Premier in Stockholm since 15 September 2021. As of 31 December 2023, the number of shareholders was 1,775. 

Arlandastad Group is a real estate development company focusing on large strategically located areas. 

Three reasons to own shares in Arlandastad Group

  1. Strategically located land holdings with potential for high returns 

    Arlandastad Group owns and develops large strategically located areas with a project and building rights portfolio adjacent to attractive infrastructure nodes. The land has been acquired at a favourable initial value, which means that the company can achieve a high return on invested capital as the portfolio is developed.

  2. Business model that creates value at multiple levels

    The business model is based on controlling and creating value at all levels of the value chain, from the acquisition of land and planning processes to the construction and subsequent management of the properties. In addition, the company creates value and synergies by owning and conducting operating activities in the property portfolio.

  3. Long-term approach and low leverage provide stability and conditions for sustainable growth

    Arlandastad Group applies a long-term approach and works in dialogue with local municipalities, public authorities and companies to build lasting value, for the benefit of both shareholders and society at large. Long-term thinking in business decisions and a low loan-to-value ratio provide stability and conditions for sustainable growth.