Our History

The fastest way to the future travels through intelligent ideas and the capacity to think innovatively today

In 2005, the foundation for Arlandastad Group AB and our future was laid, when our principal owner Gelba, led by Per Taube, purchased an outlet from a bankrupt estate in Arlandastad. Per Taube, a well-established entrepreneur within the real-estate industry, saw a great amount of potential in the area surrounding Arlanda airport. Several large-scale actors that were initially involved in an attempt at building an airport city in the region, chose to sell their land areas in the airport adjacent area to Per Taube and the newly started company Arlandastad Holding AB.

Per Taube had a clear vision for the area Arlandastad, surrounding the biggest airport in Sweden. He started to purchase strategic land surrounding the airport, with a long-term plan to develop a commercial area for various enterprises that could benefit from operating in the same area and create synergies. The company acquired more than 200 hectares cohesive land surrounding the airport between the years 2006-2015 and the dream of developing an urban hub started to become a reality. An innovative and forward-thinking company appeared and began to grow.

To think even bigger for continued development and refinement

A relatively small, young, and privately owned property development company, neighbouring Sigtuna which is Sweden’s first city, grew and refined historic land - at the same time as the company itself created modern history when it was involved in developing the first airport city in Sweden, Airport City Stockholm. The company strived to create conceptual platforms for businesses, gathering and collaboration. The concept was creative and innovative. More players understood the opportunities that this entailed, new projects were started in the area, and the properties began to fill-up with exciting activities where the tenants were the company's most important partners.

In 2021, the company changes its name to Arlandastad Group AB, with the ambition to broaden and expand its operations. The original operations of the company, which focused on the area surrounding Arlandastad, will continue to be run under the name Explore Arlandastad, which is part of Arlandastad Group AB. Fifteen years after the acquisition of a bankrupt outlet, the idea of creating a dynamic meeting place in one of Sweden's largest growth regions has become a reality. Arlandastad Group creates the conditions for thinking even greater for continued development and refinement of attractive land with great potential. 

In 2022, the company took its first step in expanding its operations and broadening its project portfolio to more geographies through the acquisition of Skavsta and Stockholm Skavsta Airport. An approximately 500 hectare area. Land with great development potential where the company has the ambition to develop a destination for business. The area around the airport is being developed through the name Explore Skavsta. Through Arlandastad Group, conditions are created to think even greater for long-term development and refinement of attractive land with great potential.