Operating segments

Our operating segments

Arlandastad Group operates the business through two operating segments that consist of the business lines - Real estates and Operating companies.

Segment Real estate

Segment Real estate develops, refines, and manages properties. Today, the business is focused on a coherent property of just over 240 hectares in the moorings of Arlandastad, which has been acquired in stages since 2007. The property value regarding investment properties amounted to SEK 5.3 billion at the latest turn of the year.

One of the company’s strengths is that it does not only focus on production and management. Arlandastad Group strives to create attractive and long-term sustainable platforms and meeting places where companies and other stakeholders can form clusters and effective collaborations.

One example of the structured concepts for refining within the business of Arlandastad Group is DRIVELAB Stockholm, where various facilities and properties realize an area where players in the automotive industry work for future innovations and solutions.

Segment Operating companies

Segment Operating companies consists of operating companies in training, meetings and events that create value for the Group's property portfolio and its immediate environment.

The operating companies currently consist of Scandinavian XPOTraining Partner NordicNybygget and Sebe Långtidsparkering.

Scandinavian XPO

Scandinavian XPO operates the brand and act as operator and restaurateur in the new international meeting and event arena with the capacity for around 8 500 visitors in three exhibition halls. The focus is on creating good conditions and keeping the facility technically, logistically, and experientially at the very highest international level.

Training Partner Nordic

Training Partner Nordic, with more than 20 years of experience in the current industry, offers training concepts to dealers and general agents in the automotive industry.

Training Partner Nordic provides everything from training concepts to event, meeting and workshop premises as well as test-drive track for all vehicle types.

Nybygget House exhibition

Nybygget Husutställning / House exhibition offers the visitors a place where they can gather information, inspiration and knowledge through different types of showroom. The vision of Nybygget Husutställning / House exhibition is to become northern Europe's best and most complete permanent house exhibition.

Sebe Long-term parking

Sebe Långtidsparkering / Long-term parking, also called the airports long-term parking, is a centrally located car park along the highway E4, and directly adjacent to the Scandinavian XPO. The long-term car park has a total of about 800 parking spaces. The car park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has a shuttle service to and from Arlanda's terminals, which are 5 minutes away.